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Galaxy A6 always on display


I use this feature to display time and date. Notifications settings doesn't support that need.

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I just want to tell you this to you Samsung Company: ***** YOU!!! YOU'RE A PIECE OF *****!!!! I've bought this Galaxy A6 2018 and is not working. No AOD... the display sensitivity also is so *****ing low cost!!! You are a *****! You will go down and lose your clients!!!
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Hi @Dni.


If your phone isn't working, we'd advise getting in touch with your local Samsung Support team or the retailer to see what they can do for you. Regardless of what phone model or brand any particular person has, it's always best to have something that matches you and your needs - which is why in the UK we have Samsung Experience Stores where people can play around with some of the stuff there before buying to see if it's the right fit for them.


Plus, there are nicer and more constructive ways of giving feedback on a product...


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It's a Galaxy A6 model SM-A600FN/DS from Romania. The biggest issue is that the AOD is missing... there will be an update to the software in which you can include the AOD option??? I can't see my missing messages or calls.... it's so very frustrating...

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The A6 doesnt have alwasy on display the A6+ has Always on display. This is by default through samsung.




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It looks like I will quit Samsung and I'll get iPhone iOS... too bad! I've loved Samsung until now! In 2018 Samsung has announced this phone not at a low cost for the A class and the customers can't see their missing texts/calls... I am so very upset about it! I will search for iPhones... All the best to all (not to Samsung)! 


The AOD isn't a crucial aspect of a phone, and odds are you can live without it. As for you buying an iPhone, I hope you're prepared to dish out upwards of 700€ for a mediocre phone.

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How can't be a crucial aspect the AOD on this exact phone??? Let me know how to do in order to see when I get a text, only to see that is received without unlocking the phone? How to fix it? Let's say you're in the shower and you're phone is in the living room and you have 3 calls and 2 messages that you haven't heard them when was ringing... is something urgent and you don't know about them... come one... tell me one cell phone in 2018 that can't see the missing calls/text... you have the phone on silent and you're texting with your girl late in the night, phone is near you and the display isn't open when you get them... 

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@Zydrax wrote:


I recently purchased a phone,samsung A6 2018

samsung galaxy A6 does not have always on display?

A6 will receive it through update always on display?

I am very dissapointed, I was expecting it to have this function, 2018 phone and does not have this feature.


sorry for my bad english....

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Does anybody know when will there be an update with this feature?

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