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Galaxy A6 always on display


Samsung A6 2018 even when I put the settings to always on display it does not work please help as this was standard on my Windows phone and one of the reasons I bought this phone


I have the UK version of the A6 2018 but the always on display still does not work could the phone be faulty

Oh man that hurts... My very old device was nokia c7 ... It had always on display, ironically...
However, Samsung Galaxy a6 does not have and does not support always on display... And even if you use the apps on play store which do this(aod), still it can't be normal and also it can damage your phone ...

I have the UK moble and my manual says it has it but it does not.  really annoyed as I was told it had it and there is no way of seeing if you have a missed call or text unless you pick up and unlock the phone.  My daughters old samsung at least had a light that flashed to show you when a call had been missed.  My old windows phone had AOD.  Please make sure that the AOD is put on in the next update. 

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I purchased this phone for this feature
until this moment, there has been no response or update from the company
This is very annoying


Although this is an ok thing,  i want the phone on my desk, where i can see any notifications or missed calls without touching or unlocking the phone.  Also why is there no flashing light to let you know you have a missed call or message as in other samsung phones.  at least then I would know to look at the phone.  To say I am dissapointed with this phone that was nearly three times the costs of my old Windows phone and does not do half as much is an understatement!  Very poor show Samsung :( 



This might be a question frequently asked by a lot of people. The Samsung Galaxy A6 does not support AOD, as according to Samsung it has a panel that if equipped with AOD, will massively increase battery consumption, resulting in lower performance. However, the Samsung Galaxy A6+, does support AOD.

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Merhabalar samsung a6 telefonumda always on display özelliğimi mevcut değilmi


I bought this phone for my mother worth 350 pounds merely for its size. It's so disappointing to know that neither it has fast charging, no Led notification, no Full HD screen and no Always on Display. This is real disappointment. I could have purchased other brands with all above features and more too.


It's such a disappointment, i wish i could return it but it even it's resale is poor. 


I don't understand why Always on Display is disabled when there is no LED notification. This is not user friendly thing. How would one know if there is a notification for a message or missed call?


Please add AOD in next update. It's user wish to loose battery in return. It's not supposed to be a choice by samsung by default. One can turn off why enforced us to turn off.


Poor show samsung.

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چرا برنامه always on display  راندارد اگرمیشودبرایم ارسال کنید تشکرگوشیه من  a6 سامسونگ 2018است

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