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DC Dimming


A lot of phones are now supporting DC Dimming. Can we have updates for this feature with the phones affected (SAMOLED displays).

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Will it affect 2018 models?

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Currently I am choosing the mobile phone... between one china brend with IPS display and A70 with Amoled.

I am trying to find if A70 has DC Dimming. It seems not, but for me it is critical.

So should I forgot about A70 or any updates available already?

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A70 is much more interesting but... Amoled...
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I need a DC dimming option or better PWM frequency for my new Note 10. I can't use it cause of the pain.
Also tried my wife's S10 and still get really sore eyes after 5minutes of use.

My eyes continue to hurt for hours after use as well.


I'm back using My old Galaxy S7. The S7 causes no eye strain/hurt issues.

Wife seems fine using the Note 10. So i'm super sensitive to the PWM in the Samsung flagship phones.

Please Samsung add a DC dimming option in a software update.

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Samsung, PLZ make it for your users, we'll be wait for DC Dimming!

Are there any plans for this feature?

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