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Calling function has bug in A6+ and a9

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just bought a6+ and a9. Both phones have a bug. The calling function goes unresponsive time and again. If u try and call it just hangs  if u turn on airplane mode and turn off airplane mode then calling come back online. Looks like the calling function goes for sleep in lay man terms  u have to wake it up by going to airplane and come back. Can this be checked.  It very annoying bug in the phones 


AntS Moderator

Hi @Anand2. Sounds unusual that! Is this the stock phone app? And do they do the same in Safe Mode?


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Hi AntS,

Yes it is stock phone app of A6+ and A9. I am not sure how to check this in safe mode.  

DannyT Moderator

If you click the link @AntS has provided above, that shows you how to enter Safe Mode.


I'll post it again. Just here.


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