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Bluetooth not connecting with anything on A8 since latest update

Yes I got exactly the same conclusion, fitbit data goes somehow to android app but you can't get heartbeat in realtime. As also with my car radio, phone part got connected but multimedia just gave can't connect error. Try another watch, phone, car or whatever. Winners will manage to get all gadgets working together for a few moments until some update destroys the brief harmony.
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Me too. Aince upgrade bluetooth drops out randomly. Fit bit wont pair. I have a new fit bit it wont connect at all. 

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I am having the same problem with my Samsung A8 


Mine stopped syncing a while ago but suddenly it started telling me about calls and text messages!


My wife and I both have the same problem. It all started when we installed the latest update. I am getting very frustrated, after looking at all 10 pages of Samung users getting no help from the big corporation.


Today i got an system update to my samsung A8. After update everything is working like it should. Fitbit Notifications is working (calls, messages and calendar), syncing works, excersice loggin with gps and no pairing errors ( charge 2 is is not visible at bluetooth menu). It seems that problems are now fixed at last!
It seems that there was something wrong on
Android 9 or/and Samsung itself and not in fitbit app ( in my case). But still this has been worst customer experience i ever had. Zero points for Fitbit and Samsung because both is telling same bull***** again and again even they know the reason for sure.


Hi would you mind checking when this Update was Released because the last update I got was a Month ago and it didnt Fix My Issues...


Hi there. It is good to hear that there is a fix for this problem. I don't see a link to the fix in your post. Please let all us know how to fix our phones  Thank you. 

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My A8 doesn't connect correctly to car's multimedia so there is already a Nokia8.1 waiting until all data and accounts transferred into it. No problems to pair with any device. My brief encounter with Samsung phones soon ends. s10e went back to store and a8 will be retired.

Security update 1. August 2019 


First one from the list.


And here is the screen capture about last update 

Screenshot_20190902-213453_Software update.jpg


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