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Bluetooth not connecting with anything on A8 since latest update

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Having the exact same issues phone wouldn't connect via Bluetooth, is syncing but i'm not getting any notifications to come through on my Fitbit. This is after the new update in April, was absolutely fine beforehand. Done loads of troubleshooting prior to doing a webchat with a Samsung employee. as i have done all of the troubleshooting theyd suggest thats been put up on the forums and support pages. so their suggestion was to do a hard factory reset. that hasnt worked so now they are suggesting i send it off for repair for the engineers to do a check of my phone. thatll take 7 days roughly. 


Seems like a total waste of time to me. Like others are saying, it's no coincidence that we all had this issue after the April update, and I don't know how an update can cause a hardware fault, unless there was some bad firmware pushed that permanently wrecked something, requiring repair. I'll wait to see how others make out before sending mine in as it's my mothers, in a different town, and she has no spare phone to use in the meantime.


Thanks everyone! 


I also found today that my phone won't scan and has lost connection to my Fitbit. I've reported it to Samsung via the 3 dots method suggested earlier - that also sends a system log.

Oddly my wife's phone, same model, connect to my car easily yesterday. And to TomTom. When she gets back tonight I'll check to see if she's connected to her Fitbit Charge 3. I just checked and it's still connected to my TomTom.

Sadly neither of our phones were renamed to distinguish them, so I suspect I may not be able to reconnect to my car so that I can listen to my audio books.


So after all the issues I decided to take a trip to my nearest Samsung support centre and they ran a diagnosis on my phone

After leaving the shop a few hours later I got an email saying my phone has been repaired and that is had a brand new motherboard installed 

The technician saw with his own eyes that my phone wasn't connecting to my Fitbit charge 2

Luckily my phone is under warranty so therefore this service was free of charge



Interesting! Let us know if this solves the issue. I will send mine in for repair if it'll solve my problems.


I tried to connect my phone to my car this morning. It connected and I could listen to my audiobook, but on my phone it looked as though it was still searching for my car until it finally disappeared and didn't show connected on my phone.

I couldn't connect on my return journey.

So now I can't connect to my car or my Fitibit - and Scan fails to do anything at all.


This is ridiculous.


I finally got my phone back from my local Samsung support centre 

My phone has had a new motherboard installed 

Upon booting my phone up, the issue still hasn't been resolved which is highly disappointing!! 

I'll be returning to the support centre since my phone is under warranty I'm not accepting until it's fixed.


I went to the Nottingham Samsung Centre yesterday. They flashed my phone and Bluetooth now works. Odd thing though, I tried over and over to pair with my Fitbit Charge 2. Sometimes nothing happened, other times it tried and said failed. It's not showing as a connected device, but hey! It's syncing anyway. Weird. I'm still nervous though as it doesn't scan every time I touch "scan".

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I have this issue too but no 3 dots and option ti contact us

This all happened after my last update


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I reset all but still not linking up

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