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Big Files transfer from Samsung A70 To Samsung J4plus??

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Hi there,was wondering if anybody can help me.

I wanna know whats the best way and quicker / App to transfer BIG Files(like movies,music,etc) from samsung A70 To samsung J4 plus phone?


Thanks Await reply

From any members.


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Superuser I

Personally I elect to hook upto my MacBook Air to move some files across.


I use Android Transfer as this works well between my phone and Mac @Mrfurious 



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.
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About Big Files transfer from Samsung A70 To Samsung J4plus, my suggestion is Coolmuster Mobile Transfer, if both of them are in hands. It's easy and safe. First, install it on your computer. Connect both of them to the same computer via usb cable, enable the USB debugging on them. It will scan out all data on it, including app, contacts, sms, music, photos, videos, books, call logs. Then you can choose them to transfer directly. Of course, you can also use Samsung Smart Switch.

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