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Adware on thr a70 or my negligence

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Screenshot_20191012-161049_Mobile Services Manager.jpgThis came up while I was setting up the a70 is this some kind of adware as I never experienced this while setting up a Samsung and skipped it just to be safe



Could be an adware from a Free App instaled after to buy phone.

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This occurred whilst setting up my phone 


In the initial setting after to introduce google Android  account?


Then deselect all app that you do not use and continue with settings.


After read you I understund that was like a emergente windows app.


If it's in settings and you are using an official Rom then could be OK in your telephone model not in mine 


In this method you can skip all Bloatwares programs and its will not be installed into the phone.


Bloatware are program than usually the operative syste install and usually users do not use, as trash 

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I'm just confused as I set up this phone and this never happened.after experiencing bad battery I full factory reset the phone,after this during set up this had popped up
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Screenshot_20191012-230713_Mobile Services Manager.jpg



Morning!!! and happy Sunday !!!  If you did a hard reset then you do not worry my friend, you are using an internal files updated by Samsung and it's only for Bloatware control or extra programs installation request. After that, I'm sure you will have not similar messages as advertisement. It's different to an emergent windows randomly asking about continuously, that could be bad.


Then I'm sure its are not bad things, only for your control, it is best method for a clean install with only your favorites programs installed without extra bloatwares programs inside.


In last picture if you read all I suppose you will skip screen with "no, thanks" button.


Please if we fix your issue, and you are fine with that, please mark as solution an answer to help other user with similar problems or actions

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