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A80 audio in calls / listening to calls.




Just received the new A80 in the UK, gotta say it's quite different listening to callers with the audio seemingly coming through the screen ! I don't see any visible earpeice speaker which is used for hearing a call, plus it advises where to put your ear  on the screen when you first make a call.


The sound seems distant?  Anyone else feel the same? Or hear the same?



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I have had similar issues.  Is there I need to change in the settings.

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Yes I feel like the same. It's weird but clean audio.

A question:
Do you have any complaints about your audio when you're on a call? Does the person on the other side hear cuts in your voice or distortion?
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have you got any solution for in call listening sound issue? i have same problem with A80.

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Same here on A80.  Once I received / calling other numbers, the sounds came out of the back of the phone. It vibrate a lot, as it amplify the mini speaker sounds at the low side of the phone. I have to bring headset everwyhere I go to make sure my privacy

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