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A70 locked after update

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Bought 2 phones for self and wife. Technician transferred data from old phones and should have given both A70s same locking pin code. With latest update phones required pin to restart. Mine worked fine, wife's failed and is now locked requiring pin and can't be switched off.


Have spoken to network provider and Samsung but neither able to offer solution (techician who did transfer kept no notes and could not remember any numbers). Wife's phone will have to be returned unless someone can provide instructions how to turn the phone off so a hard reset can be performed and the data can again be transferred from old phone.


Prompt help appreciated as old phone numbers are imminently to be applied to new phone and then wife will lose phone access completely.

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Superuser I

Hi @Stan127 


Im sure you appreciate that the security pin is there for a reason to stop an unauthorized person accessing it.


Have you perhaps tried accessing the phone via the Samsung Account / findmysamsung to see if it can be reset that way.


If not then a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre should be able to reset it although this may delete your partners personal info in the phone or go back to where you purchased the phone from.





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