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A70 camera delay


I'm so sick of missing great shots, someone please help me!! 

When I click the button to take a picture, it take a full 4-5 seconds to respond and take it. It is so frustrating, especially with two young kids. I need the camera to take the picture WHEN I click the button, I have missed so many good shots because it is so slow and then my kids won't do the same thing again or my 4 month old decides he doesn't want to smile.

Am no photographer by any means and have no idea what half the settings mean so excuse the ignorance if this is an easy fix.

Superuser I
Superuser I

I can only advise to first check for any available software updates and if there is none and your camera settings look good then give feedback via the Samsung Members app / Samsung + app.


Sadly not all Samsung phones offer up the best experience due to hardware and or software limitations @Kpl94 


A Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre can run a diagnostic test.





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DannyT Moderator

A few things to check, @Kpl94.


First up can we check that you don't have Motion Photos turned on? This records a short clip of what happens before a photo. You can check this by going to Camera > Settings (cogwheel top left) > Motion Photos.


You can also try pressing the Voiume Key to take a photo. Head to the same place to turn this feature on Camera > Settings > Shooting Methods. 


Let us know how you get on. 


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Thanks for replying!

Motion photos is turned off and I have tried the volume button but it made no difference to the delay. Also have no updates waiting! 

CarlH Moderator

Hi @Kpl94. Have you tried testing the camera during a Hardware Test? Todo this, dial *#0*#. Let me know if the camera take a photo quicker during this. 


Hi! Just completed the hardware test and the delay was definitely less! 

So what does this mean, can I fix the delay?

CarlH Moderator

Okay, check your camera in Safe Mode (not the Hardware Test way though). To activate this, restart your phone but whilst it's powering up, keep the 'Volume Down' button held until you reach the home screen. If done correctly, Safe Mode wil be displayed in the bottom left corner. If your camera works fine during this, it could be a third party app that is causing the issue. 

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Hi Kpl94, can you please tell me if you found an adequate solution to this problem? I have just purchased the A70 and I’m having the same issue; I am extremely disappointed with the purchase! Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks!


@Asha1  have not found a solution, very frustrating. 

@CarlH  there was still a delay in safe mode.

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Thank you for the response. Very frustrating from a brand such as Samsung! They should allow a return of the product.

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