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A70 Wifi Problem?

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@Walfredo wrote:

Finally my A70 connects to my Home Broadband. Before I look for another WIFI Reception (in my office), I tried resetting to factory default last night. But since it did not work I waited today for looking for another wifi spot. I had this idea, because my A70 is able to connect via HOT SPOT on my other phone, but strangely it wont connect on my Home Broadband.


I let the A70 update all its recommended APPS and UPDATES (May 2019 Bug Fix), and it now works great.


Hope this helps.

Thanks!!, best answer here. Thanks to RichardEU 

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Oh, so maybe it's a line defect of fuc$#% Manaus factory. I bought one here in Brazil and had the same problem. So I sent to Samsung many times and in the 4th they identified, replaced the board and told me it was not working well so they resent me a new phone from the factory. I will give them the phone back and I want a recash. I'm gonna Asia in less than 3 weeks and I need a new phone working

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Hey guys, my problem was solved by changing the operation mode to 802.11b+g+n from 802.11b+g in my router

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I have same problem.

I have New A70. 15 days only. 

And the most curious... I have bought at same time but for the half price an A40... thi one runs tip top... perfect.

But A70 is *****. Fast 400€ for *****.

And samsung only answer stupid copy and paste answers. I am thinking about to ask for my guarantie... but what gonna happens if they give me new ***** A70. All are same. Same defect.



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Could you please share with all comunity link of your 500gb update? My A70 y updaded to last avaible update from samsung store and do same wifi problems. S.h.i.t. of phone
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I am having the same problem with droping wifi,the phone says it is connected but I cannot access playstore,flipboard and anything else internet related,I even have my data on at the same time,turning data and wifi off and on again doesn't fix it,I have to actually turn the phone off and back on for the internet to work.

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this fix is silly,most people have their phones updated,I don't think I'd post about having a problem if I didn't have everything on my phone updated first.
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Have you found a solution, I bought my phone a month ago and noticed this too, on more than 1 router, it keeps disconnecting randomly
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No I havent found a solution, except turning the phone off and on.

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