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A6 bluetooth not working

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Having exactly the same issue on Samsung A6. Bluetooth was working fine last week, however now experiencing the same issues as those already mentioned.

Yes, can turn on Bluetooth after resting network connections, however this is extremely inpractical as it loses all the WiFi settings.

Incredibly frustrating, very tempted to get a new phone now.

Any update on when the fix will be rolled out?

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Second time i have had to reset.


Can SAMSUNG please come up with a fix....

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Now even after resetting the connections and restarting the phone , bluetooth still does not work.


I am starting to think i have wasted my money.

Samsung should advise all vendors to stop sales of this phone till there is a fix.


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Thank you, this worked for me. I had the same problem and have been trying for a few weeks to find a solution. Looks as if this is an issue with Samsung phones as quite a few people have the same problem.

Did you get a fix for this yet. My daughters phone is the same. Cant turn on bluetooth. Only bought it less than 6 weeks ago.

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you can reset your wifi/network settings every time your bluetooth stops working and then your phone will work.


the moment that you start using wifi again, you will loose the ability to lose bluetooth.


Samsung are not reacting, so you are better off buying another phone that is not a Samsung. 



First Poster i just bought mine like less than a week ago. It was working before for some reason it stops working today. So I followed one of the suggestions on this thread...... Go to Settings, General Management, Reset, Reset Network settings. Then i did a soft restart by holding the Power and Volume down at the same time. This has worked for me so far.  

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The reset of network was working for me though quite upsetting as it was then forgetting Wi-Fi password and everything but after last flight it stopped working. Now bluetooth doesn't work at all and updates are not available. I ordered the phone online and at Samsung centre they told they can't do anything about... what shall I do?

I have this problem on my Samsung J5 2019, and recently I found the way to solve this problem,

Go to this path:

Settings> General Management> Reset> Reset Network settings

and it works for me.

actually u must re-config ur WIFI and other setting on ur Networks

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