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A6 Plus DND bug after update

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My A6 Plus was OTA updated yesterday, now it have

  • Android 8.0.0
  • Samsung exp.: 9.0
  • Baseband version: A605FNXXU3ARL1
  • Build: R16NW_A605FNXXU3ARL3

DND worked perfectly before the update, now the phone vibrate on all notifications all night long. It is set to allow only calls from starred contacts and no messages. I always leave sound on with "vibrate on call" turned off. 

DND is scheduled every day from 21:00-7:00. Between this period, if any(!) application have new notification, the phone vibrate. On incoming calls from not starred nubers, it stay silent with no vibration.

I don't want to turn off notifications for all applications one by one, becouse I need them when DND is disabled.  DND was perfect, but something went wrong during the last update.

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Seems like the bug is not exactly with DND. Checked it and DND was set to allow only calls from starred contacts and messages from them. I had one message from a starred contact. In the morning I read it, so it was gone so I had no experiance with it. Now DND if disabled, I have only one notification and it keeps notifiing me about it time to time, until I read it. Is there any way o turn this off?
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