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A50 bluetooth problem connecting to vehicles

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I recently bought a Samsung A50 and paired it to my car. After a call I hung up and got out of car. When I came back to the car, I noticed the radio display had come on but only displaying a clock and was very hot to touch. After a lot of trial and error I figured out that the phone was messing the radio about. I did eventually sort it but it has happened since. 

Then I connected it to my van, thinking it must just be a problem with the car, and it connected fine until I left the van. When I got back a couple of minutes later, the van radio has stopped working altogether  and is useless. I cannot get power to it. 

Has anyone else had a problem with the Bluetooth to vehicle?

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Regarding the car:

Honestly, the fact that it runs hot from a bluetooth signal makes the device in the car runs hot has only one explanation: The bluetooth implementation of the car is horrible.

Bluetooth is effectively a low power communication signal which isn't extremely quick either. No way that it could fry another device unless the other device is extremely buggy or of a low quality.

My only here recommendation is to run a software update in the car. The heat isn't good, thats for sure


Regarding both:Other than that, was your phone inside the car/van when it disconnected? Bluetooth has a very short range.


Bluetooth also works with a pairing of trust, this trust can be disconnected from both sides. The only way to fix is - Is to forget the trust relationship from both sides and reconfigure it again.


Personally I would also recommend testing it with a pair of already proven headphones - Thats probably the best way to test the connectivity of your phone, also because cars have their weird software oddities and their closed operating systems and headphones are a simple sound connection

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When I left the car I took phone with me but it seems the radio didnt disconnect properly and froze. When I got back in 2 hours later, the head unit just showed a clock in top right corner, which had never happened before and when I looked at dash display, it still showed a call in progress. 

Normally I would've put it down to the car radio but when I connected to my van not long after that stopped working altogether and hasn't worked since. Just seems funny it only has happened since I got the A50. All other Samsung phones have been fine. 

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