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samsung clp-775nd fuser reset

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We have a samsung clp-775nd which when powered up shows initialising and does not move from this state.

How can I get the printer to load so we can use it.

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Possible bad fuser or fuser driver board which is right next to power supply, also possible the connector for the fuser is bad, theres all sort of issue with the fuser. problem can vary, after replacing a fuser you get the same message then there a possiblity that a board or cable is bad.


You can try reseating the fuser, there are 4 screws that hold the fuser down remove them and lift by pushing the agua blue buttons latch to remove.


Also you can try to clean the memory chips with an eraser the contact could be bad. open back panel to access memory if it doesnt have memory you might want to try to flash the firmware again also. leave a door open and then try to flash the firmware.


Good luck

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