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portable blu ray writer Model SE-506, firmware update and windows 10 driver needed


hi again


it's doesn't work for me, i activate local admin account and logged in, connect bd drive and test with a bd disc recorded with the same burner, but no results, windows detects unit as a bd recorder, but doesn't recognize disc....any other thing you do in your machine? i think everybody aprecciated your help if you ilustrate more deeply your experience... thanks


OK, l'll post a video tommorow to demostrate... I'm sorry it didn't work for you... 






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I'm burned out over this whole thing. I've been building home-brew systems since 1985. I know and understand system integration. High-end systems engineering paid my salary for my career (45 years) until I retired a couple of years ago. This farago strikes me not as an engineering failure, but a marketing failure. I designed and built a perfectly servicable "soccer-mom van" of a system (gigabyte b360n wifi motherboard, i3-8100 cpu, 32Gb DDR4 ram, Intel SSD, and the optical media player at the center of this all). When I searched out the problems I was having on the MS site, I discovered that, with the propogation of the last year Win update, MS support of the many BRD licensing support options was being abandoned. So, suddenly, we were all left without BRD support (and my DVD support is shaky, at best).  This wasn't the fault of some cadre of MS engineers but the result of some clique of marketing droids (no, I'm not biased after 45 years in the business).  Enough, already! I've ordered a purpose built "smart" BRD player for my man-eyrie and will convert my Win10 entertainment player brick into an Xubuntu Mystery Machine! So long and thanks for all the fish!


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Hi everyone

First - sorry for my poor language.


A few information:
- I bought my SE-506CB/RSBD in 2014. I use this optical drive on Windows 7 Sp1 x64 and Windows 10 x64 Pro [from build 1604].
- Now I have installed on my PC Windows 10 Pro x64 [bulid 1809].
- Usually I work on local account without admin permission.
- I upgraded firmware to TS02.


My tips for Owners:


1. Check Yours cable - my original of Samsung was broken. Now I use InLine USB 2.0
2. Always connect optical drive to USB 2.0/3.0/3.1 on your motherboard - not on USB's on front panel yours PC case
3. To burn BR disc use free soft: BurnAware Free [current version: 12.3]
4. To play BR disc I use "AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player" [version: 6.3.22]. The original, a free copy I have download from giveawayoftheday

thanks! i will try your software recomendation... but can you burn successfull bd discs?
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I burn only data [my files: docs, photos, video etc.] on BR disc. I burned around 80x 25GB discs - 99% was successful (maybe one or two was wasted?)

I try to burn a few 50GB discs - around 75% was successful.


I use this 25GB discs:,151,416.html

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