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portable blu ray writer Model SE-506, firmware update and windows 10 driver needed

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I used the cable that came with it- with the 2 USB plugs and it didn't work with Windows 10. Funny thing is it DID work with my Chromebook. It saw the drive and the DVD. Windows 10, I only saw the drive.


I was going to order the Amazon cable, but found an old one in my house. Worked like a charm! Search the cable cemetary in your home!

Hope this helps.


@VegasWill wrote:

I used the cable that came with it- with the 2 USB plugs and it didn't work with Windows 10. Funny thing is it DID work with my Chromebook. It saw the drive and the DVD. Windows 10, I only saw the drive.

But does it work with Blu-Ray discs?  I, as have others, have been able to use the drive with CDs and DVDs, but when you put in a BD it fails.

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Yes. Definitely a Blu-ray. It noticed it right away and gave the name in the drive. 

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My daughter had this problem. I tried to upgrade firmware and split cables, but it would not work on blu-ray, only DVD.

I connected the SE-506CB to my windows 10 desktop which had an old version of Cyberlink PowerDVD installed. This program tried to start the blu-ray film, but crashed.

I then upgraded Cyberlink PowerDVD to a newer version and SE-506CB worked as it should with no problems.

Your SE-506CB will work on DVD, but not on Blu-Ray because of DRM copy protection and because DRM will come in newer versions and your software (like PowerDVD which also plays blu-ray) have to be updated.

PowerDVD is not free, but maybe there is a demo version?

I hope this will help.

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Hi all

I just signed up for this thread, and to say that @BabelBabbel's solution worked for me.

I own a SE-506CB that used to play Blu-ray on my dell laptop windows 10, but when I tried it recently it only played DVDs and not Blu-rays.

I usually use VLC to play my dvds/blu-rays, I saw their troubleshoot post regarding Blu-ray, followed their instructions but it didn't fix it for me, and that's when I thought I will check if it is a samsung driver vs windows 10 problem.


I'm upset to know that Samsung stopped supporting this product, so I'll surely not recommend them to anyone.

But for those who already own it, I think it is worth seeing if @BabelBabbel's solution, with the latest Cyberlink PowerDVD, will now work with you.


There is a trial version of PowerDVD that you could start with.

I used the USB cord that came with the player and connected it to the USB 2.0 plug in my laptop and it played the blu-ray just fine. When I pluged it to the USB 3.0, the blu-ray played but it kept lagging horribly, so make sure to try the original cord with the USB 2.0 plug.


It still doesn't play on VLC, but I assume that's a problem related to VLC itself.


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Is there anybody out there?
Same issue, read all the 8 pages in the thread, but still with a fully working windows 7 Blue Ray drive not recognized in Windows 10... Microsoft is evolving, Samsung is still in love with Windows 7...

Are you suggesting i should buy old USB B-Type cables from different producers on Amazon hoping one of them will work? c'mon!!!


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Read my solution above.

You dont need new cables. Use the one that came with your SE-506. Use the software that came with the SE-506, but update it. You can use Cyberlink Power-DVD in newer versions. Some laptops will need an external power adapter.





Same problem as everyone else, let's get a software solution to resolve this for good.


Really shouldn't take Samsung very long if they'd just take the time to look into this...but based on how long this thread has been open, my hopes aren't high.

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Buenos días, me voy a dirigir en español, porque mi inglés es muy limitado.  Tengo el modelo SE-506CB y Window 10. He leido el foro desde el principio, el error que reporta el administrador de dispositivos es "Windows no puede comprobar la firma digital de los controladores necesarios para este dispositivo. Puede que un cambio de hardware o software reciente haya instalado un archivo que no está firmado correctamente, está dañado o es software malintencionado de un origen desconocido. (Código 52)" Con un tutorial de arranque de windows 10, sin la verificación de controladores firmados funciona perfectamente, no es necesario ni cables, ni modificaciones de registro, ni soluciones mágicas.  El problema viene después, ya que al apagar el pc y volver a encenderlo se inicia windows normalmente y  no funciona nuevamente. Otra vez hay que iniciar windows sin la verificación de controladores firmados.  Hoy he solicitado nueva respuesta a Samsung.  Les mantendré informados. Muchas gracias por su atención y saludos.

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Hi, I just registered because I have similiar problem with my Blu-Ray Writer SE506-BB. It worked before, but after I haven't used it like for a year or a little more it doesn't play BD-Discs anymore, only DVD and CD. Not even the Data-BD-Discs I've burned with it. Calling the Customer Support doesn't help, they gave me a number that I cannot seem to reach.

The thing I want to ask, is, that you all seem to have the problem with Windows 10. I, however, am still using Windows 8.1, and the writer worked on my laptop with Windows 8.1 fine, but didn't anymore. So can this problem also occure on Windows 8.1, is it possible that updates of my laptop would render it uncompatible with the Blu-Ray Writer even though I didn't change to Windows 10?

Thanks for your answer in advance!

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