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laptop turns off in sleepmode


hi all,


i've got this weird situation with my laptops, nobody i know of has this problem and yet ive got 2 different laptops with different SSD's and they both have got the same issue.

Laptop 1:
Asus N551JK with  Samsung 850 evo 250gb sata

age: 4 years

with SSD: half a year

Laptop 2:

Lenovo 110s with samsung 860 evo 250gb m.2

age: almost a year

with SSD: 3 days


both have windows 10


my problem is, when i close the lid or click start > on/off > sleepmode; it shut's down asif the laptop has a power outage


first i had this problem on my asus laptop, ive got the laptop and the ssd for a long time, at first i thought it was the laptop and it's quirks until 3 days ago.


That's when i bought an 860 evo for my  newer and smaller Lenovo laptop and experienced the excact same problem.


Ive cloned both the laptops with the samsung data migration tool and they both have a samsung SSD.


I have to say that at this point im kinda clueless what to do because ive tried kind of everything to troubleshoot the problem. First with my Asus, now with my Lenovo. im getting sick and tired of this problem


things i've tried to fix the problem:

  • searching on google
  • reading forums
  • updating firmware SSD's
  • updating windows
  • update bios
  • changing bios settings
  • changing settings in energy scheme
  • turning it on and off again
  • putting the 850 ssd in the laptop of my sister (same laptops bought at the same time)


im curious and eager to hear new ideas to find a solution.


thanks in advance


I had the exact same issue after a OS update, if you havn't already try this:


Check for updates for your drivers in device manager, check chipset drivers, network drivers, BIOS drivers, graphics card, check them all. 

(THIS solved my issue) but i have fixed computers using the below with the same issue.


Run command prompt as admin and check for power requests.

type: powercfg -requests

There shouldn't be any. If there is take note.


Launch windows in safe mode and see if sleep mode works, if it does then there could be a program going rougue, to find out enter system configuration then services  and disable all, then launch task manager and disable all start up programs and restart, once started up try sleep mode again if it works then repeat the method but this time only disabling one program at a time to see if you can single out the problem.


You could try resetting the BIOS see if that helps.


Pulling at straws here but you could try running CCleaner see if that fixes anything.


Im guessing you have tried the troubleshooter LOL.


Hopefully this may help.







Helping Hand

You might have already tried this, but it is also important to download and use SW-update from Samsung.

It detects Samsung hardware on your PC and shows all the available updates/drivers.

Never gonna give you up!
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