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WIFI turns off , win 10 while playing online games

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Hello all;

I have a note book model: NP-RF511-S04AE , win 10 .

I am connected to internet via portable mobile wifi from Huawei : E5573s-856 model . like this one below 



My internet keeps switching off many times , sometimes my connection to the wifi being disconnected , or just internet is not connected (yello sign on my wifi icon down next to times bar )


I had to disconnect my computer then reconnect it again to the wifi network so that internet could work again .
this happens many times especially when i play online game like PUBG , via tencent emulator .


any suggestions for that .?

Thank you .

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @mokhtarawwad 


Are you still having this issue or did you manage to find a fix?

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