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Sharpest settings for Gear 360 2017

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Hi, i have recieved my new gear 360 2017 version camera, which looks great.  The main kicker for me purchasing was the sharpness of the picture's on the net and to experience my own photos / videos in VR in the high quality that i have seen, but the picture's are not as sharp when i take them, they are grainy at best.  I was wondering if i'm missing a trick with the settings.

I am a novice at this camera so any help or support is appreciated.  Thanks 🖒

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Hi @Wootton27.


It's for the previous Gear 360, and from the Samsung US site, but is this guide any good for you?


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Same here very dispointed at the lack of a technical manual or proper intrsuction. Image is soft in places out of focus and objects change in size when you pan round. I cam belive Samsung would bring it to market like this and so I asume it must be me! However I can find no real options on the cameras built in menu and no meaningful instruction, where to go from here.

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It's not you. To put it bluntly the 2017 Gear 360 is a piece of c**p. The photo quality is abysmal. Had I known it would be this bad I would NEVER have purchased it. Very very very disappointed.

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Well, same here. The image quality, specially with videos is pretty bad. It's not a good product at all.


Ignore the complainers in here, because all they want to do is complain and have done absolutely nothing to help with the issue. The easiest thing to do in the world is to complain.


I'm a big LG 360 fan and had a hard time with the transition, but there is a way to make things much better than it, but the initial settings that are default in the Gear 2017 are pretty horrible.


Obviously first off on the device it'self go into the mode and changing the video resolution for higher than the default. 

Next go into the phone app itself in settings and put the sharpness up to +2. 


This helped immensely for me and I hope that it does for you as well. 

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With the greatest of respect armyjackson I did do something, I tried every posable combination of setting and filmed much footage (when it was not shutting down because it was overheating). In the end I returned the unit for a check-up and Samsung found it to have a problem and so they replaced it. Unfortunately when that one arrived it did not work at all! They kindle replace that one with one they had extensively checked first, which when I tried it was worse than the first.


At this point I was offered a full refund which I grateful accepted, I waited for the GoPro fusion to come out and then got it. It is as you will read else where it is street ahead of the Samsung and will be updated over the coming months like all GoPros products. It is of course a lot more expensive so it is unfair to compare them directly. However the GoPro gives me the quality I want the Samsung did not. 

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I had a similar problem with the first one that they sent me, and I didn't ask for a replacement. 

I eventually bought another one and it's been great once I changed the settings.  I believe I may have had the same issue as you with the first one.  



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I have read all the comments re this piece of equipment Gear 360 (2017).  In most cases, you can "tweak" settings, and get some sort of real adjustment.  Sadly.....just tweaking the "Sharpness" to +2 doesn't cut it.  The cheapest of mobile phones can produce better images than this thing.  The 360 aspect is just a novelty....and it really doesn't handle that very well either.  The older version of this was much better in the image department.  Sadly, very disappointed in this product, having waitied a while to get one, I wish I hadn't.  This camera needs a major update in firmware....and software...but will we see it.

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