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Samsung scx4725fn

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Can you please help.Recently had a windows 10 upgrade.This has resulkted in my multifunctoal printer ,the scan function to stop working.The printer and fax fuctions still work,but it will not scan.I need to down load the scanning software for this printer but can not find it on line.Can you please kindly help find the software to reslove the scanning issue as a freied delated it and when he tried to re-install he could not find it.Will the software work with the scanner on the latests version of windows 10?

My direct e-mail address is *****  Any help on this matter is very appricated.

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @dhillon.


Samsung printer support has now moved to HP.


For more information, please visit HP’s website. (
For Samsung printer support or service go to:

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