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Samsung pay Ireland

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Hi all does anybody know when Samsung pay Will become available in Ireland?

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I can't help you but there are a few people wondering the same in this thread over on fb.

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Never ever will they release Samsung Pay in Ireland.

LiamH Moderator

We don't have information to share at the moment, but we're always looking to make services available to more users. 


We'll be sure to let you all know if we have any news on this. You can find the latest updates on our products and services through our IE and UK Newsrooms.


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Apple and Google pay are great additions to their services. Samsung need to get moving and have Samsung pay available in Ireland asap

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I tried to add AIB and Bank of Ireland card, neither of them worked. Is it going to work with Irish bank cards?

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Its so stupid that it isnt in ireland i bought a gear sport hoping to be able to using on the Luas in dublin or the Dart SAMSUNG BRING IT TO IRELAND 2019 

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I know it's weird, I don't think all staff are aware that Ireland is not in the UK, I asked and was given a list of UK banks. I contacted Bank of Ireland and AIB both said had no plans, bit strange Samsung pay doesn't work in Ireland, considering Google pay, Fitbit pay and Apple pay all seem to work?
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Never... Ireland users of samsung phones are supposed to use google pay. Which means that the nfc on the smartwatches are usless here. Maybe if you have a card from other countries' bank.

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