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Samsung SCX-3405 Scanner

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I have a Samsung scx-3405 multifunction printer.

Just had the latest Windows 10 upgrade.

Printer working fine but when I runnthe Scan Assitant software, cannot do anything - scan,amend changes...

Have tried various drivers but no good..

Anyone have a possible solution to this please?


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Hi @Desibatman.


Samsung Printer support is now being managed by HP.  The number to call to reach an HP agent, is +44 (0)207 949 0416. You may also try the HP Support Web at Hope this helps!

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I registered to the site here just to answer any man experiencing this problem. One long year I have been waiting to fix the problem with my samsung SCX-3405 scanner problem. Ever since Windows 10 - 64 bit updated to 1803, probably a lot of people had this issue, Easy printer manager giving an error when trying to scan. When reinstalling the drivers 10 times didn't work, I found a solution to roll back Windows to earlier update, just so I can use my SCX-3405 scanner. As this option isn't available any more, because Windows updates your PC without asking, I gave up on the scanner. Yesterday I tried and for 1 hour going through the Internet, I found it, so I want to share it. 


The problem was - if you install the drivers from the samsung page of SCX-3405, or the application (if you don't know Samsung have an easy to use printer installer application) called SamsungPrinterInstaller - it installs all the needed drivers for the printer and scanner, also diagnostics, but still the Easy printer manager CAN NOT LET YOU USE THE SCANNER, even if you manually install the drivers from the download page, cycle of reinstalling scanner driver and failing.




Use the SamsungPrinterInstaller (the site manual links should work also) as you all did, but the problem is (as I'm not that of an expert in computers), that HP or whoever is in charge of the drivers of our printers - DIDN'T ADDED THE APPLICATION TO CREATE THE DOCUMENT AFTER SCANNING, SO EASYPRINTER MANAGER GIVES YOU AN ERROR!!! The application is called Samsung Easy Document Creator from Software tab in the printer page for downloads. BUT THERE IS NO SUCK APPLICATION IS SXC-3405 DOWNLOADS PAGE FROM HP!!! You would have to download it from other similar printer page for example Samsung Xpress SL-M2070 downloads page - Software tab - Samsung Easy Document Creator, download it, install it and voala, scanner will work. Here is a link to the download page of SL-M2070 -  .

Had to write this, because I was and still am p*****d at HP to not add this thing in the support page and SamsungPrinterInstaller as it is CRUCUAL to have it if you want to scan on your scanner... 

I hope I will help someone, that's why I'm waisting this time to write.

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check this page windows 10 printer and scanner driver available download and enjoy

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