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Samsung Evo Plus MB-MC32GA/EU made in China-real or fake?

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Hello everyone!

Several days ago, I decided to buy a new Samsung micro sd card, because my horrible Sandisk card is acting weird. The exact model of the new card, I bought is Evo Plus MB-MC32GA/EU in 32 GB size. Most people who bought this card are talking online that the card is made in Korea or the Philippines. My card is made in China which looks strange to me, very few people report such cards and their model code is different. The card passed the Samsung validation check I did with Samsung Memory Card/UFD Authentication Utility. I will post some photos here and the question is clear-is my card original or a fake one? Does Samsung make memory cards in China at all or all such cards are fake and made for scams? Very confusing situation and I decided to search for some information because no one is sure about this. Thanks for your help! image1 image2 image3  image4 image5 image6



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This is unbeliveable weeks later and still no clear answer by Samsung support team about the quality of my micro sd card! I provided all the details as clearly as possible, what else do you need to answer a simple question?! Is this the usual support work you do in this community today-nothing at all??? If this is the normal level of support we should get here then Samsung should be ashamed as a big company! How could I trust your company any longer for any expensive purchase if you can't answer a simple question about a memory card???

Very disappointing experience here, obviously the bad opinions online about Samsung support are true. Very bad I didn't expect this from Samsung, I always respected the brand and its quality products. Now I know that if a buy a Samsung product again, I will get no support for it-similar to a chinese junk product on sale.

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Hi @average_joe.


Apologies for the lack of answer here: Community really  isn't the best place to confirm the authenticity of a product, as physical inspection of it by an expert is also important in that assessment.  If you're in any doubt about the authenticity of your card, it's best to buy from a reputable retailer; and/or to have the card physically checked out at your nearest approved Samsung Support Centre or Samsung store.


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Hi @average_joe  hopefully you were  able to get the card checked out.  In general terms  if unsure of a product best to do  some research before purchasing  (though for something like an SD card you may not think about it too much)   I'd agree with @AntS though that the best advice is to to purchase from  a reputable retailer.    Can you share the seller here?

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