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Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB Slow Performance

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Hello, I have problem with 4K performance on Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB installed on Windows 10 Pro x64bit.

System is X99. M.2 is connected to M.2 slot with CPU PCI-E lanes,  PCI-E x4 Gen 3.

Most important speed 4K speeds are far below advertised speeds and shown in reviews.

I tried both Windows and Samsung NVMe 3.1 drives without change.


Crystal Disk Mark.PNG

Please help!

If you agree I would ask RMA?

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I seem to have a similar problem yet mine is worse on the 500gb model have a look at my 4kibq8t8 read compared to write, i have no idea why it is like this970.PNG

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But again your result is closer to normal. 

Do you have X99 platform as well or some newer?

Crystal Disk Mark is in my case worse, other softwares show much closer to advertised speeds.

Score in AS SSD in my case is from 5500-7200 depend of moment I use software. 

AS SSD Benchmark MBs.PNG

ATTO v3.05.PNG

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I'm on the z390 platform with a 9700k so theres th bottlenecks here, i have no idead why these iops are so slow, freah install of windows 10 x64 too

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That's answer maybe because your result is better then mine.

970 EVO is famous that Write Speed is good, as you see on Crystal Disk Mark.

I have X99, first platform with M.2 support.

Who knows, I contact Samsung and send them results in at least 5 different softwares and they say speeds are normal.

This is from OCN Review and as you see result is exactly like your. But mine is behind on some spots...




I never had problems with Samsung SSD before, and this is little disappointment because they technical support didn't check on X99 platform 970 EVO Plus and if numbers are OK to offer me replacement. 

Only to check how 1TB behave on X99 and if numbers are highest then mine to send me other SSD NVMe.


Samsung know better then me why 4KiB Q8T8 Write is so lower and why 4KiB Q32T1 both and Read and Write are lower on mine then on review and M.2 work on full speed.


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Yeah I've no idea why they perform so erratically, I may send mine back within the return period yet if Samsung can't support why my plus is 800mb/s slower than my brothers evo at 4k, not acceptable.

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