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Samsung 960 evo 250gb: Only Used Products



i just wanted to ask why every Samsung 960 evo SSD i buy(my 3rd one) looks used im buying them new with their original sealed package. The thing is all of them are used, because i can see it on the connection contacts that they are worn out.

So is there a reason why all of them were already used?


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Hi Mosfak,
I saw the same question a while back I believe, where a Samsung employee told the members that the SSD's are tested before packaging. This would be the reason that the contact points are "used". If I understand correctly the factory workers plug it into a computer to do a health test before putting it in the package.

If you are suspicious look at these tips:
Also was the factory seal broken?

You can test your SDD with software tools to see the working hours. If you are more tech-savy you could test if the packages are *over-written or *never-used.

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