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SSD - unbootable. Data visible.

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I have an old 2007 Lenovo T60 laptop.  Would it work with a new EVO 860 500GB ssd?


This T60 ir running  'Win7 home' Thefirmware is is 2.23.I have the above SSD to try in it. 


I want to clone the HDD to the SSD, as I want to continue using the Win7 parition, There are other OS partitions on teh HDD.  Magician would not recognize the drive, nor would it recognize the existing HDD in the laptop. It is a real 860 EVO


Tried 3rd party software - which has successfully recreted the drive, and done this via USB caddy and then again by USB to SATA cable.  Neither case meant the SSD would boot when placed in the T60 drive bay.  Also tried changeing BIOS to AHCI sata controller setings - no luck. 


This BIOS will only ever do SATA I.  This I gather is not a problem as the drive will auto step back to SATA II or SATA  I from it's preferred SATA III. 


Bodhi Linux live boot distro does not see the SSD,  but some low level disk testing software Does see the SSD, but does not successfully test it.


At this stage in the storey the oringinal HDD Win7 NTFS partition has now dropped an error over a core Win7 system file and it BSOD mid booting Win7.  It is now a Linux only machine. I have a good Win7 NTFS partition on the SSD (cloned pre disc error) but I cannot boot it.  How can I make this old laptop boot from then SSD without re-cloning?

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Hi @ChrisML.

I've had a quick look into this a bit further, but am getting no further than you. What we'd suggest at this point would be to get in touch with our dedicated SSD partners who you can contact here: They should be able to answer just about all the questions from above.


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