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Recycling toner cartridges

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Hi, does anybody know whether Samsung has a policy and system in place to recycle toner cartridges?  I can't find anything on the website.  Up until now I've used a local charity that would take them, however they no longer provide that service. And I'm having trouble finding anywhere else in my area that can take them.  Given all the recent concerns over waste plastics I'm not going to be putting my cartridges in the bin, but as I've said, it's hard to find a recycling service. Thanks

AndrewL Moderator
@Frank999: HP offer a service to recycle old toner cartridges for Samsung printers. To find out more please check the link below:
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Many thanks for your information Andrew.  I've now used the system to send 6 toner cartridges for recycling and checked of the Post Office's Track-Trace system to confirm they arrived at the recycling address.

I have a couple of points that I feel could improve the system:

1.  It's very convoluted to navigate to the webpage to get to the details about how to recycle, after all it's not even on Samsung's website.  Given that recycling has such a high profile now, I feel there should be a direct link on the support  section of the Samsung website ...... or even better, on the bottom of the Samsung home page, in the Support list.

2.  The processing of printing postage labels and having to take the parcels to the Post Office (and stand in a queue for 20 mins as I had to) is also off-putting.  So how about striking a deal with some of the supermarket chains, so that we could drop them off at their sites?

Hope this helps.  Thanks again

Frank Topp  

SaudA Moderator
Those are some great suggestions, we'll definitely feed these back.

Many thanks.
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