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Mini SD card only appears on devices for a second

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My Samsung Mini SD card has recently started playing up. At first my phone was crashing and briefly (before restarting) showing error messages about it; the crashing stopped when I removed the card. In Windows Explorer the card's contents appear for a split second and then the message to insert a card is shown.


Obviously there's something wrong with the card's circuitry but not the memory itself. Is this problem recoverable or do I need to take it to a storage recovery specialist should I want to get at the contents?


Also, how would I go about claiming on the warranty without packaging or receipt? The card was a gift. I would presumably also need to give the damaged card in thereby losing those unrecovered files. Is this correct?


Thank you for any help offered.

KellyM Moderator

Hey @MagikGimp,


We have a specialist team who will be best placed to advise you on this. You can reach out to them at:


Hope this helps! 

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Thank you Kelly; I have passed on my query to them.


Please keep us updated on your progress, @MagikGimp. :smileyhappy:

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