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Magician Rapid Mode with Intel Optane compatibility

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I have recently installed an Optane Memory, is this compatible with Samsung Magician Rapid mode?

In Asus motherboard there are options to use intel RST instead of AHCI and also another option Non/Rst controlled.

At the moment Optane is working with my 3TBhdd, but the Samsung 850 EVO is shown not supported for Rapid mode.


I know for recent experience that if I change those 2 options I will break the OS booting.

I wonder if I can play with this on my Asus Prime z270K. Maybe I should swap the 2 M.2 drives/slots (Optane and Samsung).


Windows 2016 server Hyper-V.


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I am having the same issue with my setup.  Asus rog X hero, 1TB  m.2 860 ssd and32 gb optane.  Can only choose to have rapid mode enabled or optane.  They will not run together.  What is causing this and how can I remedy it?

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