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Inaccesible boot device after clone ssd with migration tool 3.1

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Hello, i have a problem with my new SSD samsung evo 970 250gb. I used migration tool 3.1 to clone windows from HDD to SSD, now my pc don't run it says "inaccesible boot device"


If i remove the HDD windows start perfectly with the SSD.


If i remove SSD windows start perfecly with the HDD.


When i put both at same time windows can't start.


Any help?


Thank you!

Superuser I
Superuser I

Good question! You might want to boot though the UEFI/BIOS Settings (Which is smashing a specific button during the boot processes. Which differs unfortunately for every motherboard brand. Usually the button is displayed for a few seconds on the screen slightly after you press the ON button).

In there I recommend configuring the boot order to start your SSD first. Once you boot I recommend to wipe your current HDD because I suspect that there is still a bootloader in there

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