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Headache from long sessions with Samsung Odyssey VR Headset.

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This text is from a post I made on the subreddit WindowsMR page:


About the Samsung HMD. I came from PSVR to this. And I REALLY like it ALOT. And I want to use it as much as I can. But I have never experienced this kinda of uncomfort with the PSVR. A headache directly in the center of the forehead by the hairline.


So, the pain and headache that comes from prolonged use of the Samsung Odyssey is a huge concern. To the degree of how I wonder how this design got approved. They must have had several users use if for hours at end to test. Why was this not picked up on?


Personally I have tried padding it with some left-over adjustment padding to my ski helmet (They are strips of padding with an adhesive on the back). And I have gotten some neopren left over fabric and used as a headband. I have tried positioning the crown far up, far down and so on. Nothing has really worked.

My only solution is to keep my gaming sessions to around 30 min, and take breaks.

Can this be fixed, or does it require a totally new design of the crown? Can the padding be taken off and replace with a better design from Samsung?


For more descriptions of the problem and some possible temporary sollutions, read the whole thread here:


Thank you

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Same thing here, I play DCS wich is a game that takes hours to play and the top hairline cushion seems to not have much cushion, it hurts to wear it at all now :( I taped a peace of foam to it so that it cushions better and that seemed to fix it but it looks horrible:(

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I have the same issue with Odyssey+. I only can use it about 30min, then must remove it for while before put back.

Will try some attachment.

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