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Gear 360 won't save videos - "not enough storage" error


You're right, and it is really frustrating, especially as it was working fine at first!
To make the footage editable in other programs (for you Premiere Pro, for me Vegas Pro) you need this:
It's another step which shouldn't be necessary, but at least it's simple and works fine.

I don't know what you mean that "...the files remain on your phone as data or cookies or whatever..."?
Deleted is deleted, right?
I'll certainly try deleting and re-installing the app, but I seem to remember already doing this, not sure now, I have tried so many things...!
Thanks for the help.

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How many of the folks with this problem have an S7?

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Samsung thinks we've kept our S7s too long and wants us to upgrade.  Each software update looses something.  This option used to work fine.  I smell a rat.



1) using the bluetooth to transfer/convert to my phone in both internal and external, both which had enough space for the 1.8gb files (~8 min)"

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THIS WAS IT THANK YOU!!! I've been scouring the net for this, their instructions should definitely include this step.

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a great product, from design to hardware and software, to over every phone on the market now

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