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Gear 360 camera - PSVR Support


I have had my camera a few days and took some 360 photos and 360 video. I formatted a hard drive for my PS4 and I placed the video and photos in folders on the drive.


The PS4 media player now recognises VR content and was able to display the photos in brilliant detail, however the video which I stitched and save to the hard drive in the highest quality setting was not recognised :(


Has anyone any idea how to get the content to work?


I am aware that I can upload the content to YouTube and use the PS4 VR to view it but the quality takes a hit. 


Photos are are amazing though so if any of you guys have PSVR you should try it out it's as if you are in the picture.


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I got it working after 5 minutes trying.... it’s pretty easy. (But I’m not finished and not sure if it’s the best solution)

I stitched the video with the Gear 360 Mac app and converted the .MP4 2560x1280 to an .mp4 1920x1080 (with ViedoConverterPro) put it in an folder on an USB Drive ans tested it on my Ps4 Pro and it worked.


I will post if I figure out something new. But for the time being it works.

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I found this thread when I was trying to do the same. I've since found a more straightforward way that works on my non-pro PS4. Download the Littlstar app on your PS4. Then stitch the video using Garmin's VIRB edit, which is a free download from their website. Then this is the bit that I got stuck on for a little while. Change the file extension from .MP4 to .mp4. For some reason it doesn't recognise capitals.

Save the file onto a USB device in a folder called Littlstar, then in the Littlstar app you can navigate to the library, and it's in there, and should play perfectly.

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Great idea @robmacom! Did you save the 360 video as an mp4? Can the same file be viewed when transferred to a laptop/desktop hardrive? 


P.S. feel free to share some of the picutres on here! 


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Hi! This is Melen!

Did you finally find the way to get a 360 gear video/photo run through the PS4 VR multimedia player?

I'm also very interested in this.

Thank you

Hi there I didnt manage to get video working but photos work

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Sorry again, and thank you robmacom,


Can you specify me the photo format?


Native from Samsung Gear 360 camera?


Thanks again!


Hi there 

The hard drive should be formated to fat32 or exfat and have the following folders created Music Video photos  

The gear camera software - Action director needs to be used to stitch any photo taken with the gear 360 camera. Make sure camera takes photos in highest resolution possible.


Photographs should take seconds to stitch and you should save them to the photo folder on the formatted drive.


The photos can then be viewed using the ps4 media player which now works with vr

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Hi again! I checked yesterday everything you said and worked! Thank you.


But my interest focuses on 360 video playing from PS4 player through a USB storage device.


We have to carry out a VR test  to hundreds of people in a place without Internet access, and the only way is to use a 360 player with a VR viewer.


We have a PS4 and VR glasses and the Samsung Gear 360 camera. When I read that the last version of the PS4 multimedia player could play equirrectangular 360 mp4 video I thought that it was easy to do, but I see that is not. 


I will try to export the mp4 stitch to mkv or other formats that PS4 manages in order to do a last attempt.


Thanks for your support.

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If you have a PS4 slim you won't be able to play your 4K video's made with your Gear 360 because the PS4 slim doesn't support 4K.

However the PS4 PRO does support 4K but i'm not 100% sure if it will play Gear 360 stichted in 4K because you can't play 4K Blu Ray on it...


Kind Regards,

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Were you able to figure this out I currently have a psvr and would like to get the Samsung 360 gear so that I could make videos to view on my psvr I'd like to know that I can do this before I make the purchase.

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Did you finally find the way to get a 360 gear video/photo situs judi run through the PS4 VR multimedia player?

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