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Gear 360 (2107) Action Director Activation

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I have the 2017 version from my Note 8 purchase.  When I download the newest version of ActionDirector using the link provided it just tells me it wont activate because the "connection to the server could not be establised" and tells me to check my connection.  Obviously my connection is fine as I can post *****, and I've checked all my security settings and even tried with firewalls completely disabled with the same result.   This is pretty ridiculous.

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I had problems installing ActionDirector by connecting my Gear 360 (2017) version to my Windows 10 PC.

Problem was solved by turning off my antivirsus/firewall program then installing ActionDirector as an administrator. Worked well for me!


Hey @MalHal! Glad to hear you're all sorted! 

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Who can not activate Gear 360 ActionDirect, check the "host" file in the folder c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\
and delete the following line if appear there.


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