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Gear 360 2017 Action Director download

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I have Gear 360 2017. On Samsung site it says download Gear 360 Action Director. I did this and installed on my PC.

But when I run it asks for registration code. On videos on Youtube it says there is the code in the box which the Gear 360 came in. But in mine ....nothing. Does the 2017 model not have this code? If not can someone suggest an editing program for gear 360 files....preferably FREE


Hey @Dennis4. You don't need an activation key, you just need to ensure you've download the correct version of Action Director and connect it to the PC when requested during the set up process.


You can download the software here. Hope this helps. :smileyvery-happy:

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"Gear 360 ActionDirector could not get a response from the server.Check your internet connection and then try again."

This is the message i get when i try to connect to PC . Please help me :(
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This response is for IOS users and the link does not take you to Action Director. I have both the 2017 and the 2016 model and Action Director will not stitch 2017.


This is driving me insane I have the same problem, makes me wonder why I got this thing if the software wont work

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Hi guy's,


None of you are doing anything wrong. The gear 360 application takes your serial and checks it with samsung, Or rather it tries. If you don't like or get technical jargon feel free to skip to the summary - in short you're doing nothing wrong and it's all samsungs fault.


Gear 360 sends out the following request to samsung when you enter a serial - The text "SERIAL" is a place holder for my or your actual serial.



POST /keydownload/c2?device_num=SERIAL HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: ActionDirector
Content-Length: 0
Pragma: no-cache
Connection: close



This request is sent to If you try to visit it you will find that the domain does exist but your browser dows not display anything. Looking at the whois information that was provided when the domain was bought, It was registered by "Samsung Electronics CO., Ltd" on 2008-11-27T23:43:47Z. The domain registration was last updated on 2017-10-30T04:43:31Z. That domain is due to expire on 2018-11-27T23:43:47Z.


This means the domain was bought in November 2008 and Samsung actively maintained their ownership of the domain again in October 2017. So, Why isn't it working???


Well the request that is generated by the gear360 does not recieve any kind of response where as a request sent to the same resource ( from a web browser does recieve a request.


Unfortunately the response I recieve back from the samsung key server lets me know that the application that they SHOULD be running to give people their keys, Does not exist. As shown in the screen shots below which shows the failed request made by the app at the top and the successful one made by a web browser to the same resource.

samsung-c2-404.pngFailed request by app and successful request from browser showing non existance of validation app on samsungs server

This is due to there being no DNS record on samsungs authoritative nameserver for the host that the app was told to look for. The app tries to request from and there is only a record for The request made by the app can be seen to generate a response when the host is altered to reflect this.


Now if this were the only problem I give everyone a fix for this, however, There have been more failings on samsungs side. As I mentioned before the resource "" does not exist on samsungs server. It was responsible for verifying users serial numbers.


samsung-c2-404_gear360-request.pngrequest generated by the gear360 app with host altered, host has "www." removed. request now recieves a resonse but it is one telling us that the server has had the componant responsible for user verification removed


In summary there have been two failings here. One by CyberLink in having the app call a nonexistant domain and not testing the user verification functionality, And secondly by Samsung for removing the capability of that server to verify users.

In order to fix this;

  • CyberLink will need to push out a patch to point the ActionDirector software to the correct domain (
  • Samsung will need to restore the web application to /keydownload/c2 on


Samsung have a responsability to their consumers to provide a means to allow their product to function without a samsung phone. No where on the packaging is there a stipulation that a samsung galaxy is required in order to use the camera. I would ask that samsung provide a means for customers to be able to use the CyberLink Action Director software as soon as possible to prevent possible reputaional damage that may arise from the disclosure of this information. I expect a reply within 2 days, Thankyou.


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Hola tengo el mismo problema, genera error en el cosido de las imagenes, dice que no tengo navegador. uso el software que ofrece la pagina web de samsung, he enviado correo a cyberlink y no recibo repuesta, requiero de la ayuda de algun de ustees, o con que otro software podemos hacer el cosido de imagenes o videos.



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