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External Blu-ray writer "Samsung SE-506CB" doesn't read Blu-rays with Windows 10

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Hello community!


I recently switched from windows 7 to windows 10 (1803) and my Blu-ray drive stopped reading Blu-rays. I've tried it with several other PCs/laptops, it was always the same, it worked with windows 7 but not with windows 10. CDs and DVDs work on both systems fine.


I have the latest firmware (TS02) on it and Samsung doesn't provide any special software for windows 10 for that drive. My device was manufactured in December 2015, I read online that some people have that problem, other once don't.


I found a succession online to try a USB Y-cable to use the additional power from another USB but it didn't work.


Additionally I tried this recommendation but it didn't work for any of my PCs either:


Has someone any recommendation which other things I could try? 

Thanks a lot, Daniel!


hi there


in another post we talked about this,  and some of us agree that is not a hardware or power issue, it's a forced obsolence maybe created by industry to stop piracy, if you noticed, for example in amazon, there is no bluray writers from known brands, you find some from china, it's like a conspiracy... our solution is a external developer that make a homebrew firmware...sorry for my english....

i try to test flashing all firmwares and test with each one of them, but no results.... (T00, T01 and T02) windows build 1903 detects drive and all their features, but no disc using burnaware free and verbatim bd-r

keep testing and waiting for a solution....
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