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Chg70-32 Purple ghosting using Freesync



I recently purchased the chg70 (32") (model number LC32HG70QQUXEN ) and while testing out freesync in some games I've noticed there is purple trails ghosting around objects when i moved the camera in game fast when the object has a high contrast difference to the background.

I've read this purple trail is actually known as reverse-ghosting / corona and it seems to have something to do with overshoot on the overdrive during freesync.

This doesn't happen when i use the Normal/Faster/Fastest overdrive options but when i turn on Freesync and the framerate is within the freesync range (e.g. fps fluctuating around 60fps). Only seems to happen with Ultimate Freesync setting, it might do the same in standard freesync but my fps is not in the smaller freesync range to test.

To my understanding my new monitor shipped with firmware 1061.2 or 1017.0 and the only firmware above this is the korean 1019.2 firmware for chg70-32, will this new firmware fix this overshoot on the overdrive in freesync or is there a firmware to fix this in the works? I'm still in the return period and I'd rather not have to return the monitor due to issues with freesync as it's otherwise a great monitor bar the fact that freesync 2 is not working correctly as advertised.


Thank you



Seen particularly in Dragons Dogma on pc @1440p SDR in shadowy town, move camera around fast. Does same in Witcher3 according to another user. I can provide a recording in the next day of this if required.
Tested via both enclosed HDMI and DP cables from a Vega64 gcard, only appears to happen so far for me while inside the freesync range where the refreshrate is flucating in the info OSD menu.

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Hi @ValkyrieShana. The latest update is version 1016.2 according to the support page for the monitor. Are your AMD drivers up to date too?                


@CarlH wrote:

Hi @ValkyrieShana. The latest update is version 1016.2 according to the support page for the monitor. Are your AMD drivers up to date too?                

Hi CarlH,

I am indeed using the latest AMD drivers as of yesterday (18.9.2).


@CarlH wrote:

Hi @ValkyrieShana. The latest update is version 1016.2 according to the support page for the monitor. Are your AMD drivers up to date too?                

@Hi @CarlH,

Any news?

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I've had the exact same issues but with the LC27HG70 monitor, the 27inch version of what you have Valkyrie. i've updated my monitors firmware to version 1020.0 but the issue remains. It's an issue with Witcher 3 but only seems to kick in when looking in the darker areas of the game. When playing in lighter coloured areas it seems to work fine but after entering a darkly lit shop for example it will take a few moments before something in the monitor snaps and major ghosting kicks in. The issue with the monitor and the ultimate engine is especially bad with Guild Wars 2. Near constant screen flicking, banding, and ghosting at all times during gameplay making it unplayable until i switch the freesync mode to standard and all issues disappear. Mousing over AMD freesync in the AMD settings shows that the monitor standard freesync mode only operates between 120 and 144hz making it useless compared to the much better 48-144hz with LFC that ultimate engine offers. Beyond disappointed with the performance of this monitor and i suspect ill be asking for a refund all too soon. Before then i'll test with a better display port cable and rolling back the AMD drivers which i hear may solve the issue.

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I'm having exactly the same issue, only on the 27" variant (and obviously I do have the latest firmware, and graphic drivers). At lower refresh rates, reverse ghosting is just insane. It does not matter at all if the lower refresh rate is due to setting the monitor to 60Hz, or enabling Freesync Ultimate Engine and going in the vicinity of 60Hz. End result is the same. BTW, Freesync Standard Engine won't cause this as its VRR range is pathetic, so it can't go low enough.


Example of how it looks at 60Hz (and trust me it's worse in motion and if a scene is mostly dark):


Now, I understand creating a variable overdrive solution for VA panels may be hard, so Freesync on this monitor will always suck to a degree, but not having appropriate overdrive setting for each STATIC frequency this monitor offers is just insane. Of course, if there was more than 1 overdrive setting you could as well give the user an option to switch it manually, so Freesync users could pick one closest to the FPS range their game tends to stay in, instead of having it work as it should only for 144Hz/FPS (if I can reach that consistently, I don't need Freesync anyway...)


By the way, I will bet that this issue is why this monitor will never receive GSync Compatible stamp. Unless of course it's something that's fixable in firmware and Samsung deigns to fix it.


Exactly I have the exact same issue since october I have this monitor, it's annoying because I can't use Freesync with my Vega 64... Of course the problem is fixable via firmware updates, but Samsung doesn't want to because they don't care we gave them our money. The problem is that there is static overdrive like on 99.99999 % of Freesync monitor (except the nixeus EDG 27), because AMD isn't too much strict with freesync standard and manufacturers don't care. So let's come back to the static overdrive. With G-sync monitors there is dynamic overdrive, and with every monitor of the market (even on freesync ones WITH freesync ON), it's possible to disable entirely the overdrive. Moreover, VA panels are really sensitive to temperature, so the overdrive on this model isn't tweaked correctly because even at 144 Hz there is insane ghosting when the panel heats up. So the minimalist solution would be to Samsung to release a firmware update where they would put one more setting in the "Response Time" section, to allow us to disable overdrive even WITH freesync ACTIVE (I precise because if they read that and they correct the problem i would give 5 stars on my review). But I think this will never happen. But let's hope !


I think the issue is totally fixable by a firmware fix but I don't think the issue is known or complained enough for the devs to do anything about it. sure we now have a bigger freesync range but that is what showed the issue in the first place. My take is the more visibility this gets, the more likely a fix will come (I bring this up on reddit whenever anyone asks about freesync on this monitor).

I don't think a dynamic overdrive is possible on this monitor (doesn't have the grunt, though a stepped overdrive setting could work) but a static one, or at least being able to turn off and on the overdrive when freesync ultimate is selected will fix this (or at least remove purple ghosting).

I just don't use freesync now on games below 100fps, purple ghosting is just not worth it.


Though, with the whole Nvidia freesync thing now, it's much more likely people will start seeing this with their nvidia cards so visibility is way up and samsung will have to do a fix.


Why though is there no mod/devs chiming in on this thread?


Yeah totally, for the devs it's pretty easy to do, but you're right the issue isn't well known by the devs. Multiples times on Reddit I posted too, when people ask I do the same, wonderful monitor for colors but a shame for overdrive management.

No effectively I managed to know which scaler is used in the monitor and dynamic overdrive is a dream, but yeah a stepped overdrive like you say, for a range of frequencies would be great, but if never they see our complaints the minimum would be to let us disable it. I don't know if all samples are equal but mine is horrible even at 144 Hz on grey to grey transitions. 


I didn't think about that !! That would a great thing if it makes things move, and we could thank nvidia ! 


Also one thing, the fact is I'm an electronic engineering student and I've tried a lot of things to mod the firmware, with my teachers because alone it was lost at the beginning, and even with a team of 5, two teachers and 3 students, we didn't manage to mod it. So the last hope is Samsung to act.


That's a great question, it seems that no one is reading the forums.

(Sorry for english mistakes if there are some, i'm French)

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If it can help to raise this problem, I confirm it too.

Hoping for a firmware update

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