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sound bar connection

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Hello, I have a bluetooth headphones connected to a ue49nu8005 tv. That works correctly. The problem appears when connecting a sound bar through the hdmi arc port. At this moment it seems that the TV gives priority to the sound bar and does not allow to use neither the speakers of the TV nor the headphones. It comes to make the change when I ask, but after a few seconds it automatically switches to the Sonos Beam bar.
How can I avoid this automatic switching, and let me manually select, where to get the audio.
I would appreciate your help.

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Sogin27.


Have you tried setting the sound output through the settings of the TV? Go to Home > Settings > Sound > Sound Output > Select.

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Initially it lets you make the change, and I start to be able to listen through my wireless headphones. But after 3 seconds, it automatically switches back to the sound bar.

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