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samsung R7 tripod stands and ceiling mounts

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why on earth do samsung allow these two items to be used in advertising yet do not sell them, this is makeing people believe that if they buy the speakers then they can mount them properly, samsung admit they dont sell the items, its a rip off that samsung choose to ignore can anyone help with advice as to where i can find these two items please


I don't believe the ceiling mount as showed in the picture actually exists and the pictures are created with (empty shells) prototypes.  The R7 speaker is 3.4 kg and one would require a very special steel cable to hold that weight and has an integrated power supply cable. The cable in the picture is too thin if you ask me and  could only carry the empty shell of the dinosaur egg ;-)  In addition, I would question if a construction like that (if technically possible) would pass CE certification


Another option would be to have the steel cable carrying the speaeker and have a seperate power cable.


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