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hW-N400 soundbar will not connect with Series 6300 tv

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We own a Samsung series 6 6300 40 inch LED tv manufactured in 2011. The tv speakers recently began to buzz and distort sound but picture is fine. We purchased a Samsung HW-N400 soundbar manufactured in 2019. Have followed directions to the letter for set up using provided optical digital cable, selected external speaker via TV menu and D.IN on soundbar menu. BUT there is no sound. Checked power on both - it is working. Checked cable connections - they are solidly connected. Opened up source menu on TV.  TV does not see the sound bar. Checked digital cable and it works with other devices. Cannot find any trouble shooting advice in manuals or any relevant dialogue on internet. Why won't this sound bar work with our tv?

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Hi @mfWestboro 


Could we take the full model code of the TV please? You can find this on the label at the back of the TV. Have you tried connecting using any other method, such as a HDMI lead? Have a look at page 7 of the user manual here.

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HI - the link for manual is not active so am unable to acces page in specific manual you suggest. I still have the specific manual for our TV and page 7 in it just details the remote. 

To answer your question: 

model number of the TV is: UN40c6300,

SS# Z1R73CEB105348V

Version# H310

Manufactured in 2011

S/W version T-VAL5AUSC-1010.0

The optical cable provided with sound bar shows light at both ends and the optical port on tv also lighted. I assume this means they are both functioning.

After the failure with the optical cable, we purchased a certified HDMI cable. The TV only has HDMI IN - there is no HDMI ARC port labeled as such on the back of TV. So we plugged one end of the cable into the HDMI IN port on the TV and the other end into the HDMI ARC port on the sound bar. TV Speaker appeared in the Window of the Soundbar - no sound. Pressed the source button to switch to D.IN - only D.IN and TV Speaker appeared - no sound.

Checked to make sure that External Speaker was selected on the TV Menu.  

Then we plugged the HDMI cable into the HDMI IN port on the soundbar - no sound.

We are almost ready to pack up the soundbar and return it to Best Buy. 

My personal guess is that because of the age of our TV - we do not have the necessary ports to work witht the sound bar. Or we need some other cable - which is not specified in our TV manual, Soundbar manual, or anywhere on the internet.

Extremely frustrated over what supposedly is an easy connection to make.


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