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Why poor bass sound on HW-Q96R than the old HW-K960


Wonder why Samsung desides to have poor bass sound on HW-Q96R than the old HW-K960 

 Its a big diference and the sound over all is poor, eaven speak on my new soundbar. The HW-K960 sorrundmode rocks but not on the HW-Q96R. I bought the Q96R because my trouble with HDMI ports on old K960 (no ATMOS with ARC, PC EDI on 45Hz etc).


Hello sir, my Samsung Bar has a menu for adjustements, between its, there are some options to set ecualization and diferents modes of sound. Try mode Night or surround in films if has enought quality 


I have some experience with soundbar and the sound in my device is clear and powerful with contens and music too 


Good luck

Sorry but, no night mode on Q96R and I have play around with the equalization.

Samsung HW-Q90R (I do not know Q96R) soundbar adds Active Sound and Game Pro modes, I think has others more. I don't have your model sir to check, but surf along menu and set your decivice as well as you prefere.


Also it's important to have a Dolby Atmos and DTS:X source as a BRD content to compare with real source quality.


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