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Surround Set Up (K650 and 2 R1s with Samsung TV) - Quiet rears

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HI all,

I know this was a topic done to death a year or so ago and for most the issue has improved - although it got a bit too technical for me to follow! However due to the layout of my room the rear speakers are some distance from where the TV is viewed and therefore can barely be heard (even when at max volume in the app and the soundbar at minimum volume.


I'm just trying to eek that little bit more volume out of them.


I currently have them set up through Wifi. Should I change to HDMI ARC to get extra volume from them (or in fact should I change to HDMI arc for any other reason) or are there any other solutions that anyone has found to make the rears louder?


Also what are the best settings for the HDMI Output (if that is the prefered way to connect) and audio format (Dolby Digital or PCM) in order to maximise the sound quality?


Thanks for your help!


Hi @Stanny,

try to create a stereo group  not a surround configuration because the surround is a background sound.

with a stereo group  all of the speakers will emit the same sound as the other while with the suuround you hear the sounds that must be emitted from the left on the left speaker, the sounds on the right from the right speaker.


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