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Soundbar not recognised by TV

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I have a UHD TV model number UE49MU5470 &  Samsumg Soundbar HW-MS650.


I've had the tv a while and the soundbar was bought to go with a Samsung UBD-M9000 UHD Blu-ray player.


First time connected Blu-ray player to HDMI in on soundbar and hdmi arc out to hdmi arc in on tv.


powered all on and tv recognised soundbar as connected device and sound was perfect when playing 4k blu-rays and when viewing SKY (connected via HDMI1 on tv) sound passed back to soundbar and all was fine.


Whilst watching a movie on SKY noticed sound had gone really poor and after checking found sound output had reverted to tv speakers. Tried to change output back to soundbar bit it is no longer seen by the tv when running the setup.


Ony way I can get it to be seen is to change the input on the sounbar to bluetooth and pair it to the tv (or wifi) and is then a option on the sound output on the tv.


Any idea on how I can get it ot be seen via the directly connected ARC inputs.




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TV did a software update this mornig, now even the Bluetooth method doesn't work. Have to listen via WiFi!!!!!

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