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Soundbar no longer turns on with tv


The sounds bar is still working properly. 

When turned off, if I use my phone to connect via Bluetooth, the sound bar will turn on when connecting. 

The TV is not sending the signal properly to turn on the sound bar. 

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I have found if you press the center play pause button for 8 seconds on the Samsung sound bar remote. it will reset the connection to the sound bar. Then it will reconnect and receive the power on via Bluetooth. You’ll have to make sure power link is disabled if your not using hdmi or optical. And turn on Bluetooth power.  I have tried this method and confirm it works. However I believe there is still a bug Samsung needs to fix for a permanent solution.

On the Samsung soundbar and phone with bluetooth experiment. Good bit of experimenting. I tried to same, and confirm the same behavoiur. Connecting the phone causes the soundbar to correctly start up.  My TV seems to be on update 1231.1, which is probably the firmware at fault. Samsung, what are you doing about this?


@AntS - thank you for the hopeful message.


One point I haven't seen regarding this issue that might be related -- our soundbar mysteriously turns back on soon after the TV is shut down.


1) About 10-15 seconds after the TV is turned off along with the linked soundbar, the soundbar will turn itself back on. It's as if someone turns it on using the soundbar remote control.

2) Then I assume after an extended period of time, it will automatically power off -- possibly a hard power down vs standby?

3) However, there are limited times (not sure why) when the soundbar does not mysteriously power back on after 10-15 seconds. When that happens, the TV and soundbar will continue to turn on and off together properly.


This could explain why the TV/soundbar will continue to operate in sync temporarily, but then stop turning on with the TV after being off for an extended period of time.


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On a related 1231 post software update, YouTube no longer closes and/or launches properly. Therefore, when I first turn on the TV and select YouTube, only a gray screen appears and everything hangs / freezes. I then have to do a hard reset by holding down the back arrow / return button on the remote control for 10 seconds. I'll reselect YouTube and everything then works fine.


TV: UNKS8500 software 1231

Soundbar: HW-J4000 (updated with latest firmware as of March 2019)


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I have the same problem. Only purchased Samsung to establish a connection between the tv and soundbar, and be able to turn the SB on and off via the TV remote. Has been mostly working OK for about a year, but has just stopped working. I really hope Samsung sort out how to resolve this. 

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Same over here... have the MS650 connected via HDMI ARC. Everything works, except the soundbar will not turn on with the TV. It worked fine until recently...

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Same here, worked fine for a year and now wont turn on with the TV, still turns off with it.


Same here, 55KS8005 / HW-K460...

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Looks like I am not alone having this issue. Someone from Samsung reading this? Give us a solution to this somewhat frustrating modern day issue.


Hope Springs eternal!

I called Costco executive offices yesterday, on the assumption that they are the world's largest distributor of Samsung electronics.  I was almost immediately connected to an executive responsible for their Samsung relationship, who shared my concern, and offered to contact Samsung.  He did, and reported to me that Samsung is well aware of this problem, and is actively trying to correct it.

I expect that it will take some time, since, at least for me, the problem is intermittent.  It reminds me of when I buy a new car, and find some squeak or problem that refuses to show itself when I am at the dealer.

I'll keep you all posted.

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