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Soundbar no longer turns on with tv

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I have been having this same issue, also with the KS8000 for a couple months now.  I have been following this thread hoping for an update, so I thought I would finally add my voice and hope for a update soon.


Same as others, seems to work if you turn off and turn back on, but are extended periods off did not work again.

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I got sick of it and ran an optical cable and paired the Samsung remote with the sound bar. I'm at least able to run DTS Neo 2:5. The sub seems to respond better and vocal sound better, imo


Sounds promising @2NY . In that set up does the sound bar turn on with the TV remote? If so, how do you go about setting that up? I think I tried with the optical cable but couldn’t get it to turn on/off with the tv.

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I have this same exact issue, it just started happening a couple weeks ago. Something obvioulsy occured for this this to happen to so many users. Is Samsung even reading this reported issue?


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The bar turns on with mine, which I think, is because I paired up the Samsung remote with the soundbar which I hadn't done before. I also couldn't change the volume when set up with an optical and using the D.IN input until paired the remote.

When I turn the TV, I point the remote at it and both turn on now.
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My soundbar is connected through bluetooth, I just deleted the soundbar from the bluettoth device listed when I go to settings. Paired the sound bar again with my TV using bluetooth and now, the soundbar turns on/off with my TV remote and my cable TV remote. I have tried this previoulsy and did not work, but it's working right now. Hopefully this trully fixed this issue.


Good luck. Report back tomorrow. 

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Just adding myself to the list of customers with this complaint, started around the same time.  What I find most interesting, as others have noted, is that the soundbar sometimes shuts off with the remote, then turns itself back on. Very weird. Still no help anywhere on Samsung's support pages.

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I have to join to the issue because it's happening to me also for Bluetooth source.


Cable connection for turning on the tv is not a solution because for other HDMI sources (like Apple TV) you are forced to use the sound bar remote for changing volume, that doesn't happen with TV Connect, which let you use one single remote for everything .



An interesting loop the tv puts you into. I wonder if there is a more recent version of software than 123







An interesting loop the tv puts you into. 

I wonder if there is a more recent software than 1231 that can be downloaded online and updated via USB.



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