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Soundbar no longer turns on with tv


I had the same problem, and saw the reply that said they had success after messing with the sound bar power button. I tried pressing it a lot (in bursts, pulses, holding it down) and then started trying to turn the TV off and it started working again. I don’t know what combination worked,  but it was fixed after about 30 seconds of fidgeting with the power button. Hope this helps! 

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Exact same problem here. It has been driving me crazy for weeks .


So I have had some success with the ‘Bluetooth Power’ button on the remote. I had previously tried this with limited success, but it now seems to be working. It’s a bit sluggish, and flashes TV REQUEST but it eventually gets there. Hopefully it lasts. I’ll update if it stops working. Thanks for all the responses - hopefully we have found a fix!


Whilst the connection now seems to work to turn on the soundbar, there is definitely something amiss with the connection. I am now getting distorted sound through the soundbar, as if there is something interfering with the Bluetooth signal! Anyone else getting this? Incredibly frustrating...

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I've also come here from a Google search. I can't believe this is happening to so many of us and no one from Samsung has commented on this. It's very frustrating. Of course, when I need this little remote, I can't find it and now I have to purchase a new one. 


FWIW: I have managed to do a combination of resets, unplug, blutoooth on/off, etc where it will appear to fix and turn the sound bar on right after turning off everything  as if it was successfull. In every instance it stops working after being off for an extended period of time, e.g. overnight. 

While some mention successful fixes, I dont believe any last.

This is a persistent problem that Samsung needs to address. 


Agreed. The fix that worked earlier has now stopped working.

Samsung we need this fixed please. Not sure if the tv has done an update, but as other posts, just stopped working few weeks ago.

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Does anyone else have a KS8000? I found the newest firmware on Samsung's site specifying 1231.1 from November 1st.


My tv is showing 1231. Anyone showing 1231.1?

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Happening to me too.  Found this thread through google search.  Had been working great up until a month or so ago and now the soundbar won't turn on when I turn my tv on.  I have to go over and manually turn the sound bar on.


I have the KS8000 model.  Looks like I'm running software version 1231

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