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Soundbar no longer turns on with tv


I have a Q70R soundbar and it will turn on with the Directv remote about every 20 times I try to do it.  Why intermittent?  It will control the volume and turn it off every single time without fail.  Why will it not turn it on all the time?

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I don't have a play/pause button on SB remote ! ?

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I have a Samsung 75" QE75Q9FNATXXC TV (software version 2070) paired with a Samsung HWN960 Soundbar through an HDMI 2.1 cable in the "ARC" port and this problem surfaced around 6 months ago. I've attempted every tip mentioned in this thread, but what finally solved this for me was to set up an "Automation" in the Samsung SmartThings app that goes: "If [Samsung Q9] 'Turns on' – Then 'Turn on' [Samsung Soundbar N950".


It feels ridiculous having to set up a SmartThings automation for the Soundbar to turn on when the TV is turned on, but after almost a year without a solution provided by Samsung, I suppose this is as good as it gets.


Situation: Samsung tv and Samsung soundbar connected with HDMI arc anynet+ (no bluetooth in my setup)


Problem: suddenly the soundbar won’t turn on when i turn on tv. This appears «out of the blue»


Solution: On the Samsung tv, choose «TV» as Source - a blue checkmark appears showing that the current source is tv. Now use tv as normal and soundbar turns on with tv. This fixed the problem immediately.

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Your response makes no difference to my setup, it would suggest you donn't have the latest update which caused the HDMI to stop working. The only option now is to use bluetooth but I still have to turn on the soundbar manualy.

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I gave up on this a while back. It will never work while Samsung have no interest in fixing it. My next TV will not be a Samsung


@nicleonard If this is the same issue as most others on this thread, you need to ensure you have the latest firmware - probably released after around Jan/Feb I guess. You can try all the other stuff but it won't work consistently. Sadly it's the only option, but mine is still working after the update. 

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I went to all the time, trouble and cost of buying equipment that would allow me install the update for it not to work. I'm resigned to having to put up with the manual selection of the sound bar every time I put the TV on until it's time to upgrade to a non-Samsung solution

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I have tried to fix the sound bar connectivity issue with the tv sounds settings but of course it doesn't recognize there is a devic . People have mentioned an hdmi fix,  has that fixed it? 

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The HDMI was what I used until the update which destroyed this. I now use bluetooth and have now managed to get the soundbar to turn on when the TV is turned on but now it doesn't turn off so I have to remember to turn it off manually with the soundbar remote.

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