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Soundbar no longer turns on with tv

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I’ve experienced the same as above. Been working flawlessly last couple years then this. Connected via BT/sound connect. I turn tv off-soundbar turns off..then seconds later sb turns back on while tv remains off. I’ve reset connections several times. Temp solution I’ve found is to turn tv back on after sb turns on-once connected, turn it off again. Sb stays off and next day the sb will turn on with tv. Don’t know why sb turns back on, but I’m thinking after it does and doesn’t connect, it times out after ~10min then enters a standby mode which will be undetectable next time tv turns on.



still experiencing issue. Figured I’d some details:

tv:UN55KU6500 (software:1231.1)

soundbar: HW-J6000R J-Series


i do wonder if downgrading tv software is an option. Samsung offers upgrading via USB. Will need to find some time to try and downgrade and see what happens


Its also worth noting the latest latest update (1231.1) was November 1 2018. 


Same thing happened to me!! Been going crazy for the last week trying to figure it out. I’m guessing no one has figured out a fix or if it was an update?

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This has happened to me as well about two or three weeks ago. I blamed my one year old son who he a fascination with remote controls - I thought he had pressed something. We’ve tried resetting everything. It’s very annoying that for years we have had the soundbar turn on with the tv and now we have to manually turn it on - meaning we need another remote control available for my son to take! If anyone finds a solution please let me know, I’ve googled it and googled it with no luck. 


This is clearly a significant problem. Does anyone know if there’s a way to escalate this to a Samsung rep or admin? 

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My Samsung sound bar just starting doing this a couple of weeks ago also. This is a sad because it used to work from the beginning when I purchased my TV and sound bar but now it just stopped working. It definitely needs fixed.

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I found this thread through a google search because I just recently had this same issue happen to me, and was looking for a solution. The soundbar was working without any problems and would turn on and off along with the tv using only the smart remote, but all of a sudden now I have to manually turn it on separately with the soundbar remote :(

Does anyone know if it’s possible to force install a previous firmware onto the TV? And if so where would we get it from??
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Same problem and it happened in the smae time-frame. Late December / Early January.  I have done all the items mentioned to correct without success.  Current Firmware Version 1231

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I managed to fix fit somehow. 

I fiddled with the Bluetooth Power button on the soundbar remote. Can’t remember exactly sorry guys. But it works perfectly just as it did before. 

Sorry I can’t be more specific. 


I’m having this same issue. Happened after the new year at some point. 

Nothing fixes for any extended period of time. 

For all of us to be having the same issue, something had to have happened on the Samsung end to make this happen. 

Either a well orchestrated planned obsolescence, or more likely something in the firmware that needs updating. 


Everyone keep posting here and hopefully Samsung posts a solution when they see the scope of the issue. 

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